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This page provides some tips that can improve the performance of your computer and give you ideas you can use with your system.


Computer Operations

Try not to open too many programs while working on your computer. The more programs that are open, the slower your system will run.  If you need to have a lot of programs open, let's put more RAM in your computer.

Here is an article on Protecting your Home Computer

Wireless Networks

When you purchase a wireless router for your home, remember to restrict the access to the wireless.  If you would like to know how to do this, please call me at:  612-328-8768.  IF you don't restrict it, you are giving your neighbors FREE internet.  You are also opening up yourself to hackers to mess with your computers.

Some other helpful tips

Maintenance Issues

One of the simplest ways to keep your computer in "tip-top" shape is to perform Microsoft Update at least once per month.  To do this, press START, then Windows or Microsoft Update will be above Programs.  IF you cannot find it there, launch your Internet Explorer browser and select Tools, Windows Update

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