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I have my Associate of Applied Science degree in Network Development from Brown College in Mendota Heights, Minnesota.

I've been working as an Information Assurance Security Officer for the Army Reserve for over 6 years, and am A+, Network+, & Security + CompTIA certified (see below)

I spent a year in Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom where I worked as the Systems Administrator for 3 networks supporting over 450 users all throughout Iraq and Kuwait.

I have finished the 251A Information Systems Technician Warrant Officer Basic Course at Fort Gordon, Georgia


  I am Michael J. Danberry, I started MJD Web Design in 2002 as a way to express myself.  I have been an avid web surfer since 1995, I felt it was time for me to start contributing to the internet and share some of my knowledge. 

  I started with a few web pages, but did not really get serious about building pages until a friend of mine asked if I could build one for our local Warrant Officer Association.  

  Building web pages has become very addicting.  (I don't smoke or drink, so, I had to find some other addiction) :)  I'm always finding something to update or change, must be my perfectionist inside. 

  I attempt to make all of my pages easy to navigate and quick to load.  I hate waiting on web pages that make you think WWW means World Wide Wait.  :)

Drawing of computer; Actual size=240 pixels wide
MJD Web Design
Woodbridge, Virginia
703-679-8989 - Google Voice
612-328-8768 - Verizon

   Don't think that I only build web pages.  I've been a computer "Geek" since 1985 when I received my very first computer, a Commodore VIC 20.  

   I've been working with PCs since 1993.  I've learned a wealth of knowledge over the years.  I'm mostly self taught.

   I also repair computers when I am not building and maintaining web sites.

   Please feel free to contact me if you need a web site built or your computer repaired.

   I emphasize building high-quality  professional web sites for your organization or for your personal needs.  I also repair computers and will teach people about the benefits of computers in their life. 



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MJD Web Design *  Woodbridge, Virginia * USA